15 Healthy Dark Chocolate Bars That Aren’t Sugar Bombs, According to Dietitians

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As if the thought of savoring a square (or a whole bar) of dark chocolate wasn’t enticing enough, dark chocolate’s health claims are pretty appealing too. We’ve heard everything: It lowers blood pressure, busts stress, improves cognitive function, protects your skin, and more. But before you eat your way to the bottom of a heart-shaped box, check out what experts had to say about how healthy this treat actually is.

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Original Article Source Credits:   Prevention.com , https://www.prevention.com/

Article Written By:  Alyssa Jung and Stephanie Anderson Witmer

Original Article Posted on:  Jan 5, 2021

Link to Original Article:  https://www.prevention.com/food-nutrition/healthy-eating/g25728973/healthy-chocolate-bars-snacks/