Elevate Your Sweet Tooth with Artisanal Chocolates from A Cacao Affair

Indulge in guilt-free, natural ingredients and experience European flair with our delectable creations.

A Cacao Affair

Chocolatier & Chocolate Shop in Marietta, North of Atlanta

Dark Chocolates | Chocolate Truffles | Macarons | Chocolate Cigars

A Cacao Affair combines artistry with scrumptious chocolate to create gourmet creations for your taste palate. No artificial flavors or sweeteners are used; all ingredients are natural to produce the optimal flavor experience.

Discover extraordinary flavors and chocolate combinations offered!

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Other Chocolate Products

Customized and Assorted Chocolates

Customized and Assorted Chocolates

Our chocolate shop offers customized and assorted chocolates to cater to your individual tastes.

  • Absolutely delicious, fantastic, and amazing patisserie! The detailed and refined creations are wonderfully prepared and delightfully tasteful. The quality of the ingredients are masterfully prepared with creativity and passion. Simply a masterpiece!

    - Thomas J

Natural and Fresh Ingredients

We only use the freshest and most natural ingredients, making our chocolate products guilt-free and delicious.

Natural and Fresh Ingredients

We have been to many different chocolate shops, including some in Paris and Belgium. The chocolates and macarons at A Cacao are better than any we have ever had. The Yole Logs at Christmas were exquisite!

- Gary Nelson

Expertly Crafted Chocolate Products

Expertly Crafted Chocolate Products

Our chocolatiers are dedicated to creating beautiful and visually stunning treats that are sure to delight and satisfy.

Everything we have bought from A Cacao Affair (3 trips, getting at least 1 box of chocolates, 2 pastries each time and this last trip macarons) has been of the best quality and taste! Each item - pastry, truffle, macaron, etc - has had such well defined and powerful flavor. We highly recommend!

- Stacey Olsen

A Cacao Affair is a store where you can get handcrafted chocolates, macarons and pastries.We are open Monday to Friday 12PM to 6:30PM, Saturday 11AM to 3:30PM and online anytime.


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We deliver Custom Made/ Assorted Chocolates across Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Acworth, Kennesaw, Canton, Woodstock, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas.

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